Design Concept

Humidity and Temperature control solution

We are dedicated to provide humidity and temperature solutions with the ecological design in Directive of ErP (Energy related Products). We always strive for technological excellence and sustainable development to develop product and solution that cater for each and every application. As we manufacture our own machine and supply direct to customer, we could offer machine at affordable price and provide direct support too.

Comfort Air for All

Advance humidity system for home, commercial and industrial

We have always been committed to provide the market with forefront and cutting- edge technologies. We design and built advanced low-energy fresh air dehumidification system using precision control system with energy efficient heat exchanger bundle with good quality compressor, which make the system operate with high efficiency, low noise and yet affordable price. We manufacture our own dehumidifier, supply and provide after sales service support with our well-experience technical team.


Pharmaceutical, Clean Room and Laboratory

These industries require stringent control of temperature and low humidity in order to ensure safe production of medicine, low humidity to prevent powder substance from caking, protection over sensitive equipment in laboratory and dehumidification of fresh air to ensure the clean room is pressurized with dry and clean fresh air.



Food Industry

Food Processing plant, such as chocolate and milk powder manufacturer, required to maintain low humidity level in order to prevent caking in powder form substance, and the growth of fungus and mould due to the present of moisture in the air.




We provide dehumidifier solution for Warehouse and Goods Storage area, to help maintain low humidity level. As humid air will damage storage of goods and it will prone to the growth of mould and airborne bacteria.



Healthcare, Medical Centre and Clinics

Rooms in Healthcare and Medical Centre such as Operating Theatre room, CT Scan, X-Ray, Mammography, MRI, Medicine Storage, Sterile Room and etc. required clean ambient air (HEPA Filtration) with controlled humidity level in order to prevent growth of air borne bacteria and to protect equipment that are moisture sensitive.



Server Room

Whether it is for a small server room, or a big data centre it requires the stable control of both Humidity and Temperature. When the air is too humid, it will prone to to short circuit in electrical component. When the air is too dry, it will cause static and thus might damage sensitive components. We have the right solution to cater for this application.



Ultimate climate control solution 

Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier

Our Ceiling Mounted / Ducted Dehumidifier is designed to help constantly keeping the treated room dry without loss of energy, as the dry air is re-circulated and contained within the room. It is also equipped with 5 stages air purification system, to ensure the air is purified and cleaned. With the combination of Dehumidifying and Air Purifying functions, the ceiling mounted dehumidifier can now introduce fresh air into the room, where it will be kept fresh, dried and purified all day long.

Industrial Dehumidifiers

Industrial Dehumidifier

Our Industrial Dehumidifier is designed for heavy duty application that require long hour operations and to dehumidify large area size. Our Industrial Dehumidifiers is built-in with high-performance and energy efficient product. With the combination of advance technologies and the craftsmanship of precision engineering, we are able to make dehumidifier that work effectively and efficiently.

Adsorption / Desiccant Dehumidifier

Our Adsorption / Desiccant Dehumidifier attract moisture from the air by creating an area of low vapor pressure at the surface of the desiccant wheel. The pressure exerted by the water in the air is higher, so the water molecules move from the air to the desiccant and the air is dehumidified.

Commercial Dehumidifier

Our Commercial Dehumidifier is designed to cater for commercial application with area size ranging from 300 – 650 sq ft. Its high dehumidifying capacity can effectively extract excess moisture from the air, keeping the ambient air dry to achieve desire humidity level (40 – 60%RH), this would help reduce the airborne mold and bacteria, while keeping your valuable goods / materials / stock in good conditions.


We are pleased to help customer finding the right solution and provide consultation in dehumidifier / humidifier selection.  Our team members with years of technical expertise is willing to help and assist customer in solving their problem. Call us for this free service.


We developed, manufactured and supply our own Dehumidifier and Humidifier. Hence, we have the expertise, technical knowledge and experience to design and build the right product for each and every applications. And provide after sales service support for all our product.


We provide humidification and dehumidification system design based on customer requirements. And build according to customer required quality and standard. We are here to work hand in hand with customer to build a good system that meet the industrial standard.


We offer our client with fine quality and affordable dehumidifiers, humidifier, and other customized design product for humidity and temperature control system. We hope that each and every customer get the best quality product with the best affordable price.


FORTESVO is an established company that specialize in designing and build humidity and temperature control system. We are in collaboration with LUKO of Germany jointly develop innovative system for our customer


Our team consist of Professional Personnel whom are dedicated and committed to their profession with more than 15 years of experience in this industry. We all share the same passion which is to help our customers to find the right solution with the right system. We strongly believe the value of being ‘Helpful’ is essential, and this is the core value of our company culture. It is our duty and responsibility to find the right solution for our customer, so that it will help to grow their business as well.
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