Industrial Dehumidifier with Air Cooling (FD-C30H)


Dehumidifying Capacity: 720 liter / day @ 30°C, 80%RH


Normal standard dehumidifier will output dry and warm air to the treated ambient, which eventually will increase the room heat load / temperature, and this would require additional Air Conditioning to cooled down the air.  Our new Dehumidifier with Air Cooling system provides not only dry air, but also partially cooled air to the treated room. This would help to maintain the ambient air at dry humidity level without generating extra heat load into the room. This would help to maintain a good humidity level at comfort temperature. It would not require additional cost to install and running the Air Conditioning unit.




  • New 3-Ways Air Inlet for better efficiency with bigger dehumidifying surface.
  • New Industrial Dehumidifier that provide partial cooled air. Normal dehumidifier will output dry and warm air with increase of 6 – 8 deg. C. This new system provides partial cooled air, which if inlet temperature is 30 deg. C, the output dry air temperature will be at 27 ~ 29 deg. C
  • The body material is made of cold-rolled sheet metal with epoxy powder coating paint
  • Evaporator and Condenser is coated for better durability and corrosion resistant. It is also washable for maintenance service.
  • Low maintenance cost and Energy Efficient Design.
  • Reliable and High-Performance Scroll Compressor with environmental friendly refrigerant R410A.
  • Energy Saving, High Efficiency EC Centrifugal Fan for Low Noise, High Static Pressure operation with Variable Speed Controller.
  • Aluminium Mesh Filter for heavy duty usage and washable.
  • The machine built for long hour operation 24/7.
  • Advance touch button controller with built-in temperature and humidity sensor. User friendly operation. Easy to set up and settings will be stored in memory.
  • Honeycomb Structure Evaporator with Hydrophilic Water-Repellent Blue Coating.
  • Water Drain Pan is made of SUS304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion damage.

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